Helpful Dating Tips For Women

Men and women can use all the dating tips they can handle, but this is especially the case with women. Whether you’re completely new to thedating_tips_know_your_man dating scene or a veteran, these dating tips for women can come in handy.

Create A List Of Qualities
There is nothing wrong with being picky or having standards, but sometimes it’s good to have a list of standards in front of your face. What you want to do is create a list of the quality you want in a man. Make this list as big as possible and then narrow down your list to the top 5 to 10 qualities you want in a man. Knowing exactly what you want and what you don’t want can do wonders in the dating world. In fact, it can quickly help you determine whether or not a man you’re dating actually has potential.

Remain Relaxed
When it comes to dating, you need to relax and go into it with a carefree attitude. What happens if you go out on 3-4 dates with a man and all of a sudden you don’t hear from him? The chances are you start getting worried sick and stressing out over the whole thing. This is what not to do. Simply assume that you guys weren’t compatible, move on and continue to date, other men. By going into it with a laid-back attitude, you will save yourself a lot of grief and stress.

Don’t Lose Who You Are
When we say don’t lose who you are, we mean do not drop your entire life just to date a guy. Just because you are entering into a new relationship is no reason to forget who you are and drop your friends and passions just to make it work. Maintain your identity because it keeps everything balanced. In turn, you will be more desirable to the men you are dating. The last thing you want to do is drop everything only to have the relationship fall apart and not work out.

Trust Your Gut
Intuition is a great thing and a powerful thing. Unfortunately, so many women do not listen to their gut when it comes to dating. They end up regretting it in the long run. If you end up going on a few dates with a guy, but your gut is telling you to end things or slow things down, then do just that. It doesn’t matter how nice or genuine the guy seems to be, always listen to your gut instincts. This is especially true if you have just met someone and are in the early stages of the relationship.

Acceptance Is Important
Never try to change someone you are dating because this will only come back to bite you in the long run. If the man you’re dating, whether you’ve been on two dates or 10 dates, if they act a certain way, the chances are they will continue to act that way. Sure, they may change a little bit, but the chances are they will not do a full out change. Don’t make the mistake thinking he is going to change once the relationship becomes more serious, such as you guys decide to move into an apartment or plan on getting married.

Be Comfortable With Yourself
Be comfortable and confident in yourself, especially if you’re single. The sad truth is that many women enter the dating scene and they cannot stand being alone. This leads to them going on many dates that go nowhere. If you’re confident and comfortable with yourself, then you won’t be bothered if a relationship works out or not because you’ll just accept it for what it was, move on and embark on a new relationship when you’re good and ready. If you’re not confident and comfortable, chances are you will bounce from date to date only to be disappointed when things don’t work out. As a general rule of thumb, if a guy you’ve been dating doesn’t work out, then give it a few weeks before you enter the dating scene again.

The above tips can help women out. Many women are probably interested in trying to get their ex-boyfriends back. This isn’t always easy and there are many things to take into consideration. If you want to get your ex back, then visit for helpful information.

3 Steps To Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

focusonyouGetting your boyfriend back successfully can be a challenge, and the most effective way of getting him back may seem to be counter-intuitive at first. We saw this in our previous post.

But if you stick with the process, this relationship help will lead to your ex coming back to you of his free will rather than you trying to convince him. In fact, if you follow these steps properly and thoroughly, you won’t be able to keep him away – you will be irresistible to him. All it takes is a little faith, discipline, determination and consistency, and it is well worth the effort!

1. Stop All Contact – For The Moment

This may seem like the opposite of what you feel you need to do, but it is important if you wish to succeed. Think about it: if you have not been able to convince him to come back to you so far, what more can you say that would suddenly convince him? There is no amount of convincing that will result in a sudden change of mind from him. Something else has to change – and it’s not what you say or how you communicate, it’s the action you take for yourself, independently of him, that will make the difference.

2. Focus On Yourself

Focusing on him is not going to change how he relates to you or how he treats you. Focusing on yourself is where your power lies. To change your relationship with your ex-boyfriend, you need to first change your relationship with yourself. The way you feel affects absolutely everything – it affects the choices you make, how you respond to others, how you communicate, and all other actions you take in your life. A person who feels good is far more attractive to others than someone who feels bad about herself.

So, get healthy – take up an activity that you enjoy, make healthy choices in what you eat. This is not just about improving your outside appearance; it’s about helping yourself to feel good about yourself. When you are eating healthily, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and getting plenty of physical exercise, you look and feel fantastic – which makes you irresistible to others.

3. Do What You Love

Take up something you love to do, or that you feel passionate about – this is among our top relationship advice. A person who is passionate about something, who is doing something she feels excited about is more attractive than someone who is sitting around moping and feeling sad. Get involved in something you enjoy or that you feel strong about. This is not about distracting yourself; it’s about becoming more of your person – which in turn will show your ex-boyfriend just what he’s missing out on! Start a hobby or sport you’ve always wanted to try, or volunteer for a cause you feel strongly about – whatever it is you choose, make sure it’s something that feels good.

Taking these three steps will not only make you feel better about yourself, and make you much stronger and happier; it will also make you far more attractive. You will find you don’t need to try to convince your ex-boyfriend to come back – he won’t be able to stay away from the new you!

The Magic Of Making Up Can Help You Get Your Ex Back

Getting your Ex-boyfriend back isn’t an easy task. As Magic Of Making Up admits, we often put pressure on partners to make hasty decisions about relationships. It’s human nature to pull away from these types of decisions. Almost all men do.

Many ex-girlfriends go with lost strategies. An example would be giving their past lover an ultimatum. The Magic Of Making Up can explain to you why this act of desperation simply isn’t attractive.

It will offer you new tools that are effective in getting you your ex-lover back. Tools that can help make you more attractive to your Ex-boyfriend. You may not know what’s going on in his head, but this helps you not have to worry about that.

Take Time Off

Men often end relationships with the hopes of having time to themselves. The Magic Of Making Up takes this into consideration with their first step. After a breakup, it’s time for you two to give each other some space. This will allow him to miss you. You’ll also be able to show him that you’re a strong, confident women. Someone that can make it on their own. Your Ex-boyfriend will admire this.

Texting your Ex too much can give him the impression that you’re obsessive, and cannot control yourself. It doesn’t show him how much you love him. No matter what your intentions, guys hate it when you act desperate. During this “Time-Apart” phase, don’t post on his Facebook, Email him, or call.

After spending this time apart, he’ll begin to wonder whether you’ve moved on. Men are very ego driven. They want to know that you’re thinking of them. It will kill him to know that you’re not. That’s what makes this strategy so effective.

Similar Advice To Men

Sometimes, it’s the guy who wants the girl back. The advice is similar in The Magic Of Making Up, but not quite the same. Women think differently. We are more emotional, and sometimes that gets in the way of rationality. When trying to get your Ex-girlfriend back, it’s important to take her perception, no matter how warped, into account as to why you two broke up.

Time apart is extremely important for women to after a breakup. Make sure you don’t text, call, e-mail, or post on Facebook. An exception of when it’s acceptable is a casual, happy birthday post.

The Magic Of Making Up Has A Secret For Men

A key reason why women break up with men is their inability to manipulate, or change them. If your girlfriend had the intention of getting you back in school, but you were uncooperative, this is her motivation for the breakup. Try to win her back by changing your ways during your time apart.

The Magic Of Making Up Explains It Best

This product offers advice that sensitive to the thinking processes of both genders. Why deal with a book that only offers one perspective? Read it online to get your relationship back.

The Review

Magic of Making Up Review – The Pros And Cons

One of the most painful experiences you will ever face is dealing with a broken heart. A failed relationship can affect other aspects of your life. In severe cases, it might traumatize you, causing you to no longer believe in true love. But what if there’s a way to salvage your relationship? Are you willing to take the plunge and give it another try? Many people would answer yes. If you’re among this group, then you probably have one question in your head: How? This is where The Magic of Making Up comes in. It is an e-book specifically written for people who are struggling with failed relationships.

TW Jackson is the author. It offers readers with a “love recipe.” Now, that might sound nonsensical to some people, but the author does not claim that this recipe will magically save your relationship. The goal is to help you reconcile with your ex or improve your relationship with your current partner.

The Pros

One of the best things about this e-book is that it does not contain any shady tactics of getting your ex back such as stalking, nonstop calling, and similar things. It focuses on self-improvement, allowing you to see things you may not have realized before. It tells you that maybe you were the one at fault, inevitably leading to your breakup. And it gives plenty of advice on how you can recover emotionally from a damaged relationship.

The author also made it a point that The Magic of Making Up can be used by both men and women. Most books out there about fixing relationship problems are catered toward one gender. The Magic of Making Up emphasizes the need to understand the opposite sex, so all the tips included in the book can be applied by virtually anyone.

The book also contains information that you may not think of as helpful before. One example of this is eating the right food that puts you in the best frame of mind prior to talking to your partner. Other sections of the book cover recapturing the romance and stopping arguments before they even start.

The Cons

It’s difficult to think of even a single con. If we have to nitpick, then one con would be that the book might be used for the wrong reasons if it falls in the hands of the wrong person. For instance, stalkers might use the book to come up with new ideas to creep up on the person they like. The website specifically states that the book is not intended for such individuals.

The Verdict

This Magic of Making Up review should help give you an overview of what the e-book is all about. It contains a wealth of information about saving failed relationships, improving yourself, and understanding your partner to enable both of you to start with a clean slate.

The eBook

Relationship troubles can be taxing and will take a toll on you over time. In fact, most people who are in this sort of situation tend to notice how their quality of life goes down as well. Instead of letting this problem eat away at your mind, it is time to take action and what better way to do this than to read a proper and professional guide from a specialist? Magic of Making Up is one of those eBooks that is going to help you get through this tough time like nothing else ever could. Let’s take a look at what this eBook is all about.

14 Key Strategies

How is the book laid out? It is laid out with the goal of imparting 14 strategies to the person that is trying to salvage their relationship. These strategies are going to do the trick for those who read through the guide properly and take down notes.

You will notice how these are simple to implement and are not going to make you go through trouble to get the job done.

These have worked for numerous people and are recommended by medical professionals around the world because of how they are structured. These are tested strategies and will work.

Simple Language

The simplicity of the language is one of the major reasons this is a ‘must read’ and something everyone who has relationship troubles should be taking a glance at.

If you want something that is not going to flood you with scientific terms about relationships, you should be taking a look at this powerful read.

The attention to detail accompanied by the simplicity of the language is what makes it a real winner and something everyone should be reading at one point or another. Relationship advice of this nature is well appreciated by one and all.


Who wants to go through a guide that is taxing and will only cause more trouble because of how lengthy it is? You don’t want to go through a guide that does not get to the point nor should you have to in this day and age.

The author of this eBook, T.W. Jackson, makes sure they are concise as that is what makes the difference. You can put the strategies to the test right way to save your relationship. This is important obviously if the person means a good bit to you. You want to do everything you can to save important relationships.

This is a powerful guide for those who are stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do any longer. Instead of letting the situation eat away at you, why not go ahead and force a change? Relationships don’t have to fall apart because of how things are going at any given point. There is always something there to save as long as you are patient and know what you are doing. This is why the Magic of Making Up eBook is a ‘must buy’ and something people should be taking a look at before letting their better half drift away forever.

Does It Work?

A relationship can always be mended when the partner takes the quarreling ex’s needs into account. Many break up because of poor communication. Women often expect men to have a higher capacity for emotional intelligence than they were given. If you’re a guy, and can’t infer what a women wants after a break-up. The Magic Of Making Up could work for you.

You Will Have No Success If…

magic3There are a few guidelines in the E-book which some find difficult to follow. Critics of The Magic Of Making Up have often failed cutting off communication and giving their ex space after a break up. This can be the hardest step to follow. There are so many options to communicate. Even a happy birthday post on Facebook can open up communication too soon.

The Magic Of Making Up Will Not Work For You If You’re Not Willing To Change

The magic of making up stresses self-improvement for guys. Women want to see that you’re going somewhere. Getting a promotion, or graduating can be a great way to get one back in your life.

If you’re not willing to put in the effort to better yourself, reading the e-book will not work for you. The chances of bettering yourself improving your chances of winning your ex back increase greatly if she left you because of your lack of ambition.

Take Hold Of Your Emotions

When you’re ready to communicate with your Ex again after the break up, make sure that you’re actually ready. Too many people rush into this step. It makes the method not work for them.

The first comment sent to your Ex should be warm and friendly, but not emotional. It may seem cruel, but women find vulnerability unattractive. We want to know that a man’s emotionally stable. Always wait until you can be collected before talking to your Ex.

Let Her Know How Well You’re Doing

We want to see progress before letting a man back into our lives. If you’ve recently gotten a job, enrolled in school, or something of that nature, let us know. The Magic Of Making Up mentions improving yourself, but it fails to mention how important it is to let your Ex know you’re doing it.

Won’t Work For Every Broken Relationship

Sometimes, when it’s not meant to be, it simply isn’t. After a period of a few weeks of trying the strategies, and seeing no results, it’s time to accept that it’s not meant to be. Luckily, there are over six billion people on the planet. You’re sure to meet someone.

“Does The Magic Of Making Up actually work?”

This E-book will raise your chances of getting your Ex back if you utilize it properly. Of course, nothing can guarantee a mended relationship. If you want the best advice for increasing your odds at winning your Ex back, it works.

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